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The Geographical Association has a number of Committees and Special Interest Groups that provide advice and guidance to the whole organisation.

Governing Body

The Governing Body has overall responsibility for the Association and its current and future well-being. Its role includes the prudent stewardship of financial resources on behalf of the Association, in accordance with current law and its charitable aims.

GA President

The Governing Body is chaired by the GA President.

GA President 2016-17

On 1 September 2016 Mary Biddulph began her year as GA President. Mary comes to this position with 30 years’ experience in Geography Education, both as a schoolteacher and as a teacher educator at the University of Nottingham. These experiences combined with her editorship of Teaching Geography and as a leader of the GA’s Young People’s Geographies project mean that she is well positioned to support the GA in fulfilling its commitment to a high quality geography education for all young people, regardless of their context, background or life experiences. To reflect this Mary has chosen as the theme for her Presidential year ‘Inclusive geographies?’

The Governing Body for 2016/17 is:

  • President: Asst. Prof. M Biddulph
  • Past President: Mr S Rawlinson
  • Senior Vice President/Chair of Education Group: Mr N Lapthorn
  • Junior Vice President: Dr S Scoffham
  • Named Trustee, Honorary Treasurer: Mr P Fox
  • Named Trustee: Mr B Digby
  • Named Trustee: Mr R Plews
  • Named Trustee: Dr T Jazeel
  • Elected Member: Mr A Marvell
  • Elected Member: Mrs J Mansell
  • Co-option: Mrs L West
  • Co-option: Ms C Erskine
  • Co-option: Miss K Stephenson

Education Group

The Education Group has responsibility for formulating the GA's educational policy, guiding the Governing Body on priorities for the educational work of the Association and ensuring that provision is made for all aspects of geographical education.

The Governing Body and Education Group are each able to create phase committees, special interest groups and other groupings for specific purposes. With regard to the Education Group these include:

Early Years and Primary Phase Committee
Secondary Phase Committee
Post-16 and HE Phase Committee

Eight Special Interest Groups as well as Boards for journals, website, publications and conference (collectively termed 'Communications Boards'):

Assessment and Examinations Special Interest Group
Sustainability and Citizenship Special Interest Group
Fieldwork and Outdoor Learning Special Interest Group
Independent Schools Special Interest Group
Information and Communications Technology Special Interest Group
International Special Interest Group
Teacher Education Special Interest Group
Physical Geography Special Interest Group
Welsh Special Interest Group

Conference Board
Website Development Group
Publications Board
Geography Editorial Board
Teaching Geography Editorial Board
Primary Geography Editorial Board
GA Magazine Editorial Board

More information on the aims and activities of these subcommittees, and contacts for each one are available on their individual pages.

Other groups that oversee GA activities locally, regionally and nationally include WorldWise and Branches.


Honorary Vice-Presidents

The GA's Honorary Vice Presidents are Professor Iain Stewart, Dr Vanessa Lawrence CB, Mr Hetan Shah, Professor David Lambert, Andy Buck and Professor Peter Jackson.

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