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Chair: Iain Palôt

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Our aims

The Post 16 & HE Phase Committee exists to promote the teaching and study of geography in the post 16 curriculum. It supports teachers in schools, colleges and universities through a range of activities and publications. Please contact Iain Palôt if you are interested in joining the Committee. This is your chance to make a difference!

Download these Terms of Reference to find out more about how the Post 16 and HE Committee works.

What we do

The Committee organises conferences, field trips and workshops on topics closely associated with post 16 geographical education.

We produce a newsletter, Geography Matters, which focuses on news and issues currently facing teachers involved in post 16 geographical and environmental education. The newsletter can be downloaded from the Geography Matters page.

We contribute to books and articles that provide a more in-depth examination of issues associated with teaching and learning in post 16 geography. These include curriculum planning, teaching, assessment, fieldwork and resources.

We also take part in forming GA working parties to look at emerging areas of concern in the post 16 geography curriculum, including issues relevant to vocational education.

Student interviews

The Committee spoke to geography students at three universities to find out about their experiences of studying geography at degree level. The video and audio interviews are ideal for sharing with post 16 students who are considering doing a geography degree.

Engaging our students

We believe that it is supremely important to get our students directly involved in the GA and related organizations.

WorldWise is a part of the GA that seeks to do just that.

WorldWise International Challenge is for post 16 students to take part in a fantastic opportunity.

WorldWise week is during the last complete school week of June each year. Click here for suggestions for Year 12 and 13 activities to get your student involved in the theme of ‘Crossing Boundaries’.

Post-16 and HE Phase Committee members

  • Iain Palôt (chair)
  • Alan Marvell (vice-chair)
  • Helen Hore (secretary)
  • Rachel Adams
  • Jenny Hill
  • Gill Miller
  • Simon Oakes
  • Emma Rawlings Smith
  • Antony Allchin
  • Richard Kotter
  • Mic Dawson (treasurer)
  • Bob Digby
  • Kieren Ellement
  • Grace Healy


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