Teaching GCSE resources

Here is a selection of resources that you will find useful in preparing to teach GCSE Geography. Use the site search and Resources page to find specific resources. This table shows how our resources fit the GCSE specifications.

GA publications

Fieldwork Through Enquiry

This book provides ten worked examples of projects which can be used with young people outside the classroom: five that are based in towns and cities, and five which explore rural or coastal contexts. It has taken some ‘traditional’ activities and locations and added some new ideas and techniques. The enquiry approach underpins all the activities in this book. Buy the book here.

GCSE Geography Teachers’ Toolkit

Form, Process and People: A study of UK river and coastal landscapes

Written specifically to support the UK landscapes component of the 2016 GCSE specifications, this toolkit opens with an overview, explicitly linking the underlying geology of the UK with the resulting landscapes, then examines the processes and landforms characteristic of rivers and coasts.

An invaluable resource to support and enhance your GCSE geography planning, this toolkit provides a range of fully-resourced and creative methods to engage all students and encourage an enquiry approach. Weblinks offer a range of internet-based resources, including video clips and GIS applications, exam questions check student understanding, and homework activities build upon concepts studied in class.


Pumpkin Interactive DVDs

Go to our shop where you will find a range of DVDs to support your GCSE teaching.


We are selling a bundle of resources selected to support the teaching of the GCSE (9−1) specifications. The bundle contains Fieldwork Through Enquiry and three GCSE Geography Teachers’ Toolkit at an offer price. Click here for more information.


Workshop presentations

GA members can download these presentations from GA CPD events to give support and guidance on teaching about geomorphic process and landscape and the geography of the UK.

You may also find these presentations delivered at the 2016 GA Annual Conference helpful:

Lecture Plus 9 - Planning and delivering the new Edexcel GCSE geography A and B specifications

Lecture 20 - AQA: Meeting the challenge of GCSE geography reform

Useful resources on the GA website

Kampala: A Case Study of a City in LIC

This ten-lesson scheme of work and resources were written to meet the requirements of the new AQA GCSE Geography specification – Challenges in the Human Environment – Section A Urban Issues and Challenges - A case study of a major city in an LIC or NEE. The scheme of work aims to be a connected case study – connecting students to real people and places in Kampala (the capital of Uganda) through use of technology. it is the result of a links between The King Alfred School (KAS) in Somerset and the Charles Lwanga School in Kampala.

Physical geography

The website www.earthlearningidea.com is an excellent open source store of innovative ideas for teaching physical geography to all ages from Early Years to A level.

The GA's Physical Geography Special Interest Group have compiled the activity sheets available on the ELI website into a spreadsheet enabling you to quickly find resources related to specific physical geography topics in the 2014 geography national curriculum.

Water crisis in Las Vegas

The resources on this page, aimed at KS4-P16, offer teachers a way to engage students in a real world geographical dilemma with a range of futures. It focuses on the American southwest, an important economic and environmental region located in an extremely arid climate zone. The resources can be used for both GCSE and A level geography and in a variety of curriculum contexts such as sustainability, water conflicts, extreme environments and human-environment interactions.

Women and development

This resource supports teachers and KS4-P16 students investigating women in development. It aims to provide a base for teachers who wish to incorporate Women and Development into their lessons, e.g. when teaching the key concepts of international development

Using ICT to Enhance Teaching and Learning at Key Stage 4

Using ICT to Enhance Teaching and Learning at Key Stage 4 share ideas regarding the use of digital learning resources in supporting subject learning and teaching at Key Stage 4.

Browse the Resources page for more free GCSE resources.

For the resources on UK landscapes download this list.


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