GA WorldWise international competition

2017 competition

This is the ninth year of the Geographical Association's international competition designed especially for post-16 geography students. The top four entries in the competition will win places to participate in the International Geography Olympiad 2017 to be held in Belgrade, Serbia from 2 - 8 August 2017.

GA Worldwise International Competition

This year's chosen topic is Global Systems.

Download: Entry information, essay questions and cover sheet

We feel that by entering this competition the best geographers will be able to show that they are not only excellent A level students but also potentially future university geographers.

Students will be expected to carry out wider reading and research to answer the questions fully and as such demonstrate themselves as worthy of a place in Team UK and able to compete with the best that each of the 40+ nations in Serbia will bring to the competition.

The Worldwise International Competition consists of essay questions and a cover sheet. Completed answers must be returned to the GA at All entrants must meet the age requirements and are asked to make their geography teacher aware of their application.

Unless we can obtain sponsorship for this event, all participants will be asked to pay for transport and accommodation for the iGeo competition. We expect this to amount to around £500 - £800 and as such participants should plan to raise funds through their own sponsored events.

The closing date for entries is Monday 5 December 2016. The winners who will be invited to be part of Team UK in Serbia will be contacted in early January 2017.

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Beth Goodwin Guest

Is this open to students at international British schools?

Mark J Higginbottom

Mark J Higginbottom GA Member

Students at British International Schools are welcome to apply so long as they are a British Citizen and hold a UK passport

GA Member

"Completed answers should be no longer than 1500 words" - is this for each question asked or in total?

If in total, would you like two separate answers to the questions asked or one complete response? Or is this up to the student to decide?

Thank you - a great topic!



Alexander Guest

So this competition is only open to those at A-level standard? Or are 16 year olds in their GCSE year also allowed to submit essays?

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