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Calling inspirational geography teachers!

With soaring sand dunes, modern cities, spectacular mountains up to 10,000ft high, a coastline that stretches for more than 3000km and with 5000 years of rich culture and heritage, Oman is a geographical paradise.

In the very desert where the most intensive research study of any arid environment took place, in late 2017, 40 years later, Oman will open its first purpose-built centre for outdoor learning in the Sharqiya sands.

Discovering Oman

The Discovering Oman project, with the GA as a project partner, aims to produce a series of innovative, online, curriculum-linked educational resources for teachers in the UK and Oman. The project will run in two phases. Each phase will see a fully-funded, week-long fieldwork visit to Oman for a teacher and young geographer to gather data to create and develop engaging lesson plans. Phase one will be:

  • Winter 2017/18 – KS2 (P6/7 in Scotland) and KS3 (S1/S2 in Scotland)

In winter 2017/18, one place will be awarded to an outstanding teacher and pupil from key stage 2, the second from key stage 3, and their Scottish equivalents. In phase two, in winter 2018/19, the focus will be on GCSE and A level, and their Scottish equivalents-details of which will be announced separately:

The Discovering Oman team is looking for outstanding geography teachers and outdoor practitioners to join them to help fulfil the following aims:

  • to inspire young geographers, and promote the relevance and excitement of geography, outdoor learning and field research
  • to raise awareness and promote a long-term understanding of Oman amongst young people in the UK through the creation of a series of online lesson plans.

Successful geography teachers and outdoor practitioners will travel to Oman and take part in fieldwork at the Desert Outdoor Learning Centre and other localities. The prize will include the opportunity for one young geography pupil, from the winning schools, to accompany their teacher to take part in the learning experience within Oman, with the aim of creating a number of online lesson plans.

Competition brief

To design an engaging lesson plan linked to any element of the curriculum. The plan must provide a comparison between Oman and UK. The layout should illustrate how the selected theme, topic or key question could be presented in an engaging, accessible and relevant way, and applied within the Discovering Oman project.

This brief is deliberately open-ended to provide you with the flexibility to showcase how you might work with the project team in a creative, original and dynamic way to engage as many young people as possible with the Discovering Oman project.

Closing date for phase one entries is 6 May 2017.


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