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The Global Learning Programme supports teaching and learning about global issues in key stages 2 and 3. With support from the GLP, the UK government aims to embed Global Learning as regular practice at whole school, curriculum and classroom level. The programme – with geography as a leading subject - will help pupils gain additional knowledge about the developing world, globalisation, and the causes of poverty and what can be done to reduce it. They will also develop the skills to interpret that knowledge, such as the ability to investigate, think and make judgements. Find out more about the GLP themes and outcomes.

The GLP is also designed to support school improvement. For example, Ofsted guidance provides strong support for the view that global learning is integral to high quality provision and standards in geography. In addition, in a number of schools geography has led whole-school improvement through the Geography Quality Marks.

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  • information about the programme, CPD and opportunities to get involved
  • a wealth of resources and information about development and globalisation.

What's new?

  • The GA is offering free training in global learning for Year 6 and key stage 3 teachers. This free half-day taster session will introduce global learning and the work of the Global Learning Programme. Find out more and book online for the making a global curriculum: introducing technology to explore our global village session.
  • Schools in Wales and England now have their own versions of the Geography Quality Marks, each linked to their nation’s Global Learning Programme
  • Examples of practice in global learning are now available from seven clusters of schools in the GLP/GA transitions project
  • Videocasts by academic experts linked to key global learning themes including development and interdependence are now available
  • New geography resources have been added to the GLP England and GLP Wales websites, including Oxfam resources ‘Stories from Haiti’ and ‘More or Less Equal’ (focused on young people in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam), together with resources to support fair trade and global stories.


About GLP England and GLP Wales

More information about the Global Learning Programme and the GA's role.





Find out about current opportunities and how you and your school can get involved.




Exemplification and case studies

Examples of work and supporting documentation, organised in six themes with suggestions for practice which link closely to the GLP curriculum framework.




Subject Knowledge & CPD

Continual professional development courses and publications to enhance your knowledge of global issues.




Resources & Activities

Useful teaching materials and journal articles.





Links to useful websites about development, sustainability, case studies and much more



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