Case studies

Case studies of transition

Through the Global Learning Programme, schools developed work focused on Year 6-7 transition and progression in geography, with a global learning theme. The projects aim to develop good practice, in global learning and include:


  • Two schools in the Isle of Man used joint teaching about India to support transition
  • Schools in Gloucestershire focused on creative blogging, geography and literacy

Globalisation and interdependence:

  • Three schools in Burton on Trent used a day conference format for pupils to explore globalisation and interdependence
  • A group of schools in Bexley worked together on exploring migration
  • A cluster of schools in Leeds taught a series of lessons on Fair Trade, then evaluated their work and presented it to a teachers’ conference
  • Two schools in Liverpool investigated globalisation and interdependence using a focus on chocolate
  • A group of schools in Kent used fieldwork and mapwork at the local docks as a starting point for investigating trade and globalisation.


  • A cluster of schools in the Isle of Wight collaborated on a Model UN Conference on climate change
  • Schools in Worcester who investigated the sustainability of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Global learning:

  • A cluster of schools in the Lake District ran a global day conference for pupils and teachers
  • A group of schools in Nottingham ran a transition day focused on diversity.

Download: Global Learning Programme Key Stage 2 – 3 transition project case studies

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