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How can I get involved?

In England:

  • Join the programme as a GLP Partner School: register for the GLP to support the development of Global Learning in your school; self-evaluate your Global Learning strengths and areas for development, join a CPD network with other schools
  • Get your school accredited as a GLP Expert Centre: share your expertise in Global Learning with other schools by becoming an Expert Centre at the hub of a CPD network
  • Become a GLP Lead Practitioner: use the GLP Teacher Evaluation to recognise and develop your own expertise in Global learning
  • Access the GLP Innovations Fund: the Innovations Fund allocates grants to support small action research projects in Global Learning
  • Access Global Learning resources: Use the GLP site to access a wide range of resources and CPD opportunities
  • Develop Global Learning in your curriculum: Use the curriculum frameworks to review and integrate essential knowledge aspects of Global Learning into your planning
  • Apply for a grant to support transition projects (state schools in England): The GA has a number of £500 grants to support work on Y6-Y7 transition. You will find case studies of transition projects funded through the programme below.
    Transition project Q and A
    Transition project - Register Interest
    Transition project - Evaluation Form
    Transition Form - Guidance
    Case studies of transition
  • Work with GA Geography Primary Champions: Geography Champions have some funding to offer support to teachers through local networks, to develop subject knowledge and curriculum – making. Contact Paula Owens
  • Book a visit from a Development Ambassador to talk to older students, through RGS-IBG

In England and Wales:

  • Use the new-look Geography Quality Marks to self-evaluate your standards and provision. Global Learning is a strong theme in both the Primary and Secondary Geography Quality Marks.
  • Improve your knowledge and skills through GA courses and conference: We will put on a series of face to face and online courses over the course of the project, and offer a Global Learning pathway through the annual conference

In Wales:

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shaftesburyhighschool Guest

Hello there
I would like to apply for a grant to support a year 6/7 transition project we are starting between my High School and a Primary school partner. We are both signed up to the GLP, and are starting to work collaboratively on a geography project.

Is this grant still available and if so how do I follow this up

many thanks
Deborah Stone
Shaftesbury High School


Andrea Dearden Guest

I work with a collaborative group of schools in the South of Liverpool
and would be interested in exploring funding of ?500 grants to support Year 6/7 transition projects - not yet approached our schools directly but as we had a strong GLP group in Liverpool with SFX expert centre last year and we are currently putting together a group led by Bishop Eton Catholic Primary for this year it would fit in very nicely.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Andrea Dearden

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