Approaches to Using Webcams

Webcams, accessed through the internet, allow us to see distant places in real time. They are an intriguing technology, engaging our senses of space and time. Many young people have favourite places, which can be visited on the web, in the moment. There is much geographical potential from this ICT, and three schools set out in 2006-7 to investigate webcam uses and their impact on learners.


Thank you to Dan Raven-Ellison, Hugh Mothersole and Tony Cassidy for their creative and innovative work in the classroom. Thanks also to funders BECTA and partners CIMEX for their input to the creative planning meeting.

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Paul Gilliver Guest

I run Newhall Weather Station in South Derbyshire and have a page for weather webcams on my website which is problabbly one of the most comprehensive weather cam sites on the internet. There are webcams that you will find nowhere else other than taking long searches and they are being added to weekly. I pride myself that all or if not all of the webcams are actually working links. Also the site contains no adverts and it is free to add your own webcams to You can find my site at.
I think it will be a great help to your students.
Many Thanks Paul Gilliver Newhall Weather Stationt


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