Ebola crisis 2014

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Ebola is an infectious disease, which has become a pandemic crisis causing around 5000 deaths in 2014, with a 50% mortality rate among those who have contracted the virus.

The outbreak in West Africa was first reported in March 2014, and every natural case of Ebola has been in Sub-Saharan Africa with Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea at the epicentre of the crisis.

This key stage 3-5 resource, produced by GA Consultant and Secondary Phase Committee Co-Chair Stephen Schwab, includes classroom activities and teaching ideas, and explores geographical facts, concepts and the impact the virus has had on the communities affected.

Some of the activities can be used as starters and others can be used as plenaries, depending on the lesson objectives.

The resources incorporate the following activities:

  • empathy and understanding of complex current concepts
  • sequencing
  • decision making
  • map making and interpretation
  • classifying
  • independent research
  • creative Geography
  • ICT and GIS
  • presentations
  • cartoon and graphical analysis
  • media concept work
  • role playing and debate

Background reading

National Geographic education blog: Facts about Ebola

Ebola in graphics - The toll of a tragedy - The Economist

Economic impact of Ebola on the African continent: Don’t isolate Africa over Ebola, IMF chief urges

Time.com: How to Talk to Your Kids About Ebola


GA members can also download editable Word versions of the resources.

More Ebola resources coming soon

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note: this file requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
If you do not have this you can get it free from the Adobe website.

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GA Member

Thanks GA for these great resources- the young girl who wrote the article for the Guardian you refer to has written a follow up, now that the worst of the outbreak seems to be over in her area. Her article (from January 2015) is here:


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