Kampala: A Case Study of a City in LIC

The ‘Kampala: A Case Study of a City in LIC’ scheme of work and resources are written to meet the requirements of the new AQA GCSE Geography specification – Challenges in the Human Environment – Section A Urban Issues and Challenges - A case study of a major city in an LIC or NEE.

The scheme of work aims to be a connected case study – connecting students to real people and places in Kampala (the capital of Uganda) through use of technology. it is the result of a link between The King Alfred School (KAS) in Somerset and the Charles Lwanga School in Kampala. Benedict Ssaazi was able to visit KAS in November 2015 because of a GAIIF award.

If you wish to skype someone living in Kampala you will need to book a slot using the booking sheet available here.

These resources cover topics explained in some of our videocasts, which we recommend you view in addition to this scheme of work for a wider background understanding. The videos, particularly those about urbanisation, urban poverty and development, could be incorporated into the lessons outlined here.

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