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The website is an excellent open source store of innovative ideas for teaching physical geography to all ages from Early Years to A level.

The GA's Physical Geography Special Interest Group have compiled the activity sheets available on the ELI website into a spreadsheet enabling you to quickly find resources related to specific physical geography topics in the 2014 geography national curriculum.

The Excel file, which will be updated periodically, is freely available to download below.

Many of the resources and activities involve ‘hands-on’ practical investigations that use readily available materials and can be easily undertaken in a classroom. Other activities are ‘desktop’ investigations but usually with an innovative twist. All have been tried and tested by teachers with step-by-step instructions for subject specialists and non-specialists alike.

Each activity sheet specifies the age range it targets and includes a list of materials needed, procedures, suggestions for how to engage students in thinking about what they are doing and a ‘back up’ knowledge sheet for teachers. Here is an example.

In addition to physical geography activities listed in the download, the ELI site contains additional activities aimed at science-based geology lessons but some may also be relevant for KS4 or A level students.

Some of the resources have been contributed by members of the GA Physical Geography SIG and GA members are encouraged to submit interesting activities to the editors of ELI.

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