Tour de France Grand Depart 2014

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It’s great news that the 101th Tour de France is coming to the UK. The race starts in Yorkshire and will pass close to the GA HQ in Sheffield where stage two finishes. A third stage is hosted in London. This will be the 20th Grand Départ abroad. The Tour will also go through Belgium and Spain. It will be made up of 21 stages and will cover a total distance of 3,656 kilometres.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to undertake classroom based activities that follow the route and explore the challenges facing the riders on the race. There is a wealth of resources on offer from a number of websites and Fred Martin has provided guidance which aims to provide ideas and techniques in using web-based resources to study the UK Stages. The resources are based on one interactive map that has GIS tools which can be used to adapt to create classroom activities for your students. The work can be extended by linking it to Google Earth and/or ArcGIS if you wish and images, maps and other data can also be incorporated.

Tour de France GIS resources (KS3-4)

UK Stages (Word download)

UK Stages (PDF download)

ArcGIS activities (Word download)

ArcGIS activities (PDF download)

Sustrans Tour de France curriculum resources (external website)

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