Population - Danny Dorling

In this five-minute video aimed at A level and university students, Professor Danny Dorling talks about population growth and decline, immigration and the prospects for the UK if the No vote win a majority to leave the EU in the forthcoming referendum.

This was part of his Keynote Address delivered at the 2015 GA Conference, entitled: The geography of elections: will the 40 years of voting polarisation continue in May 2015?

You can view the maps referred to in Danny's presentation, produced by Benjamin Hennig, as well as additional information on the topics discussed here on the Views of the World website.

Consider the following questions while watching the video:

  • At what stage does Danny talk about fertility rate, and what does fertility rate mean?
  • What are the push and pull factors for global migration?
  • At what stages of the Demographic Transition Model (DTM) are some of the countries Danny highlights?
  • What do you think the population pyramid of Germany and Yemen looks like, considering the maps Danny shows?

For extra insight, research the differences in opinion between Danny Dorling’s book Population 10 Billion, and Stephen Emmott’s book 10 Billion.

Other parts of Danny's Keynote lecture:

About the presenter

Danny Dorling is a Human Geographer and Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography at the University of Oxford. His career has focussed on the study of demography and inequality. He was involved in the Worldmapper project, and has produced a number of critically acclaimed books. This included Population 10 Billion, which examines the impact a population of 10 billion would have on the planet.

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