Volcano case studies and resources

Volcanic eruptions can have implications not only locally, but also at a global scale as demonstrated by the 2010 Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull.

This page links to case studies and includes background information and materials to use in the classroom at all curriculum levels.

Case studies

Icelandic volcano - April 2010

Mt. Ontake volcanic eruption, Japan, 2014

Earth Learning Ideas PDF activity sheets

When will it blow? – predicting eruptions (KS2-P16)
How a simple tiltmeter can demonstrate the bulging of a volcano before eruption

An eruption through the window (KS2-P16)
How could an eruption transform your view? – lava, ash, lahar or something worse

Partial melting - simple process, huge global impact (KS4-P16)
How partial melting, coupled with plate tectonics, has changed the chemistry of our planet

Volcano in the lab (KS3-P16)
Modelling igneous processes in wax and sand

Blow up your own volcano! (KS1-KS4)
Show how gases blast out material in volcanic eruptions

Volcanoes and dykes/ jelly and cream – radial dykes (KS2-KS4)
Intruding cream radial ‘dykes’ into jelly ‘volcanoes’ until they erupt

Party time for volcanoes! (KS2-P16)
How much force does it take to set off a party popper “volcano”?

Publications and DVDs

SuperSchemes: Investigating Mountains and Volcanoes (Primary)

Top Spec Geography: Tectonic Hazards (P16)

Geohazards: Monitoring and Prediction (DVD) (Secondary)

Iceland: Living with Volcanoes (DVD) (Secondary)

Montserrat: Living with Volcanoes (DVD) (Secondary)

Tectonics: Processes and Landform (DVD) (Secondary)

External resource links

Top 5 Volcanoes That Changed the World - Rayburn Tours

Volcanoes fact sheet - The Geological Society (PDF)

How to teach … volcanoes (The Guardian)

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