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GCSE Toolkit: For Richer and Poorer? A study of uneven development Take a closer look

Key Stage 4

GCSE Toolkit: For Richer and Poorer? A study of uneven development

Paula Cooper

  • Series Editor: Ruth Totterdell and Justin Woolliscroft
  • Pages: 36
  • ISBN: 978-1-84377-262-0
  • Published: 2010

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The study of uneven development – the disparities in global development and the distribution of resources – is of vital importance and interest to young people, who are often outraged by extreme examples of ‘winners’ and ‘losers’. It also presents particular challenges to geography teachers, who need to reconcile students’ indignation with a balanced investigation of the reasons for these disparities, how they are measured and the changing terminology. Thinking in terms of a global North-South divide and of ‘less’ and ‘more’ developed countries is no longer adequate: spatial inequality is much more complex than that.

For Richer and Poorer? is designed to help teachers update their knowledge and resources of uneven development. It supports a rigorous ‘living geography’ approach that is current, thought provoking and engaging, offering practical teaching ideas and up-to-date, relevant resources for ten innovative lessons to support the new GCSE specifications. The lessons involve a wide range of practical skills and learning activities, and explore the links between students’ lives and the key issues of our time.

Paula Cooper teaches geography at King Edward VI Five Ways School, Birmingham. She led the geography department in achieving the GA’s Secondary Geography Quality Mark, Centre of Excellence Award.

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Teaching about uneven development
Living Geography and GCSE
GCSE examination skills
Medium term plan
Lesson plans:

  • Lesson 1: What are our perceptions of ‘richer’ and ‘poorer’ places?
  • Lesson 2: What does uneven development mean?
  • Lesson 3: What is the evidence for uneven development?
  • Lesson 4: Why does uneven development exist today?
  • Lesson 5: What needs to be done to reduce uneven development?
  • Lesson 6: What are the Millennium Development Goals?
  • Lesson 7: What is effective aid?
  • Lesson 8: Is the development gap widening or narrowing?
  • Lesson 9: How developed is South Africa?
  • Lesson 10: How are my place and I linked to global development?

Quick guide to lesson resources
Further teaching ideas
Sources and weblinks
Exam skills coverage

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