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Fieldwork Through Enquiry Take a closer look

Key Stage 4

Fieldwork Through Enquiry

John Widdowson and Alan Parkinson

  • Pages: 64
  • ISBN: 978-1-84377-338-2
  • Published: 2013

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This book provides ten worked examples of projects which can be used with young people outside the classroom: five that are based in towns and cities, and five which explore rural or coastal contexts.

It has taken some ‘traditional’ activities and locations and added some new ideas and techniques. The enquiry approach underpins all the activities in this book. Each chapter is framed as a fieldwork investigation based on a single question, with alternative questions that could be answered using the same techniques.

Each unit comes with student resource sheets, available to download from the GA website. These are as pdf and word versions to allow you to customise them for your own students and location. The ideas in this book can be adapted for use with students at key stage 3 and A level.



Unit 1: A local planning issue Key enquiry question: How will the development of a new superstore affect a town?
Unit 2: Urban quality of life
Key enquiry question: Does quality of life improve with distance from the city centre?
Unit 3: Sustainable urban living
Key enquiry question: How can this urban area be managed in a sustainable way?
Unit 4: The future of retail in the CBD
Key enquiry question: How could this retail area change to meet the needs of the 21st century?
Unit 5: Urban regeneration
Key enquiry question: Who are the winners and losers in an urban regeneration project?
Unit 6: River environments
Key enquiry question: How does the relationship between a river and people change along its course?
Unit 7: Coastal processes
Key enquiry question: How can coastlines vary in terms of their processes and landforms?
Unit 8: Coastal management
Key enquiry question: Where should we spend money on sea defences?
Unit 9: Changing villages
Key enquiry question: How does change in a village affect its residents?
Unit 10: Investigating National Parks
Key enquiry question: How do visitors to this National Park affect this particular village?
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