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Kampala Branch residential visit

The GA Kampala Branch has held several meetings in 2019, culminating in a group residential field visit to the source of the Nile at Jinja (shown in the photograph below).

The group received some fieldwork equipment from FSC Nettlecombe during their day-long geography conference in October 2018 (see photograph).  Following this conference, teachers from different schools who are members of the branch met to look at how to use the equipment, which included clinometers and tape measures.

It was decided that the best way to learn how to use the equipment was to take it into the field. The group arranged to travel 81km to Jinja to see the source of the Nile and to try out the equipment. The group camped by the river and enjoyed socialising as well as working. Several of the teachers had not had the opportunity to venture this way before and all felt that they learnt a great deal from the experience.

Teachers are now planning to use the equipment with their students and some may even be able to make the visit to Jinja for fieldwork. The equipment can be booked and used by any school involved in the Kampala GA Branch, which also makes textbooks and other resources available to share.

Charles Mugwera, one of the leading teachers in the Kampala GA Branch, as received funding from GAIF and is planning to visit the GA Annual Conference in Guildford in April 2020. The GA International Special Interest Group supports this branch and is delighted to see how much they have achieved.

For more information about the Kampala GA Branch contact Catherine Owen.

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