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GA Oxford Branch


President: Dr Garrett Nagle (St Edward’s School)

All lectures and events take place at St Edward’s School on Woodstock Road unless otherwise stated. Lectures take place in the New Hall, the Old Library or the North Wall.

Lectures are free for all school students and adults that are members of the GA. If the school or adult attending is not a member of the GA there is a charge of £5 per person on the door. This does not include day conferences which are charged for as shown in the programme.

Wherever possible, if you are bringing students please let Garrett Nagle know approximate numbers in advance so we can judge the size of venue required.


Upcoming events

To find all up and coming branch events take a look at the GA Networking Calendar.

Previous events

Oxford GA Branch: Bushcraft geography and outdoor learning day for KS1 and KS2 teachers

Eleven teachers attended a very good day starting at Dr South’s Primary School in Islip on May 4th, before proceeding to Jacobs Field in Islip where the outdoor learning took place. Gyles Morris of Naturesbase led the 11 delegates through a wide variety of different focused activities to allow them to gain ideas, skills and practice to use in their schools.

The day was focused on bringing rigour to outdoor learning in a forest school style. The activities brought relevance and meaning to the learning, each with a clear learning outcome, and easily adaptable for a range of ages. The whole day was helped by Annette Jaggard, who teaches the pupils at Dr South’s in the Forest School in Jacob’s Field, which allowed us to use the Jacob’s Field site. The 20 minute plenary in the school at the end of the day allowed Gyles to focus the delegates on how they could use it all in their teaching.

With the sun shining and the teachers keen to learn this was one of the most successful Primary Days the Branch has held.

– Paul Baker


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