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Council for British Geography

COBRIG exists to promote and advance geography and geographical education in the four regions of the United Kingdom: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

It was established in 1988 to co-ordinate and where appropriate to initiate and act on behalf of geography on matters concerning the status of geography in education, research and public policy and affairs; and over issues where the views of geographers ought to be made known.


COBRIG’s objectives are:

1. To enable member organisations to exchange information, ideas and views on matters, policies and practices related to geographical education in general, academic geography and research across the four regions and to identify common concerns and issues therein.

2. To act as a spokesperson and a point of reference for the subject in order to be able to represent the views of the geographical community on major issues affecting:

  • the status of the subject in the four regions and its constituent organisations and members
  • matters of public interest and policy on which the views of geographers ought to be known.

3. To follow a flexible and wide-ranging brief embracing the following general areas:

  • policies and proposals affecting geography at all levels of education from primary and early years to higher education, including research
  • provision of resources for geography in education at all levels including research
  • matters of scientific and public concern both national and international to which geographers ought to contribute
  • the raising of public awareness of geography through the media and through the COBRIG website and websites of member organisations of the role that geography can and does play in the day to day matters of the four regions.


COBRIG membership: The Council seeks to include representatives of all major geographical organisations in the UK. It invites representatives from the following organisations:

The Council may invite and/or co-opt additional organisations or individuals in line with the remit of COBRIG.


COBRIG meetings

The Chair, Secretary and Treasurer ensure the smooth running of the Council and its work. They are drawn from its member organisation but represent the Council as a whole. Meetings are normally held twice a year and can be held in any of the four nations.

The Secretary can be contacted using the following email ( if anyone wishes to suggest an item for discussion.

Meetings consist of a business meeting followed by a presentation on a topical issue affecting one or more of the four regions. Whilst minutes are not kept of the presentations, they may be viewed, if the presenter is agreeable, on the COBRIG website.

COBRIG may establish time-limited working groups to investigate a particular issue which may require the co-option of specialists who have expertise beyond that of the Council membership.

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