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GA Manifesto for geography

A Different View: Promoting Geography from The Geographical Association on Vimeo.

The GA’s 2009 manifesto for geography, A Different View, described geography as ‘one of humanity’s big ideas’ and made a compelling case for geography’s place in the curriculum. It was produced and funded by the GA, as part of its charitable role to advocate for geography education.  The aims of the GA’s manifesto for geography were to:

  • support the professional activity of geography educators
  • engage teachers and senior leaders in professional dialogue about the key role of geography in a modern curriculum
  • engage young people with the wider world, helping them explore the issues that are important to them locally and globally

The images, materials and activities below can still be used to promote geography and develop understanding of the subject.

GA manifesto for geography (PDF)


Images and activities

High-quality lesson ideas with downloadable image packs, covering Foundation Stage to A level

The GA’s manifesto for geography contained eight sets of images, designed to inspire and challenge children and young people to think geographically.

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Energy flows

Download image set and activities (zip)
The ‘Energy flows’ set of photos demonstrated the power of physical forces. These activities drew on students’ connections with the images, helping them develop observational skills and an understanding of the landscapes now, and how they might change over time.

Vanishing points

Download image set and activities (zip)
All the photos in this set highlighted the interdependence between the physical and human world, showing geography as a dynamic subject of great relevance to the contemporary world.

Producers and consumers

Download image set and activities (zip)
The photos in this set of images illustrated the roles humans can play as producers and consumers – and how globalisation has woven us together.

Moving stories

Download image set and activities (zip)

The photos in the ‘Moving stories’ set helped children and young people to see that geography is all around us: how it is about the people of the world and how they interact together.

Running free

Download image set and activities (zip)
The photos in the ‘Running free’ set demonstrated geography’s concern with contemporary challenges. These photos helped students thoughtfully consider the lives of others and their role as responsible global citizens.

To the ends of the Earth

Download image set and activities (zip)
This set of photos demonstrated geography’s ‘wow’ factor, or what was often refered to at the time as ‘awe and wonder’.

Between heaven and earth

Download image set and activities (zip)

This photo set highlighted another core concern of geography: our dependence on the environment –land, water, air and sunlight.

Appearances can deceive

Download image set and activities(zip)
‘What is happening here?’ and ‘How are we going to find out?’. These are critical ‘big questions’ that geography helps us to ask and answer.

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