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Our Governing Body

Conference 2022

The Governing Body has overall responsibility for the Association and its current and future well-being. Its role includes the prudent stewardship of financial resources on behalf of the Association, in accordance with current law and its charitable aims.

Governing Body is chaired by the Chair of Trustees.


GA President 2023–24

Denise FreemanDenise Freeman is an experienced geography teacher working in a large culturally diverse London secondary school. She has been head of department and faculty, and now leads an in-school ECF programme, working with early career teachers. The GA has always been a key part of her practice and she remembers planning her first lesson, using a copy of Teaching Geography for inspiration. Denise has a passion for teaching and learning and, 20 years on, the GA continues to shape her teaching.

Denise has made significant contributions to the GA through contributing to the Handbook of Secondary Geography and Teaching Geography, and presenting at the GA’s Annual Conference. Within the wider geography education community she has fostered strong links with UCL and other universities. Denise is an active contributor to academic texts and drives forward projects bringing research alive in the classroom.

Creating supportive, inclusive networks is at the heart of what Denise does and is central to the activities of the GA. Recently, she established a subject network in East London, collaborating with her local GA Branch, the Sheffield GA and teachers in Northern Ireland. She is looking forward to promoting links between research and classroom practice, an evolving area for the GA, and celebrating diversity in what is already a thriving geographical community. 


The Governing Body for 2023–24 is:

  • Chair of Trustees: Alastair Owens
  • President: Denise Freeman
  • Vice President: Hina Robinson
  • Immediate Past President: Vacant
  • Named Trustee, Honorary Treasurer: John Hopkin
  • Named Trustee: Paula Richardson
  • Named Trustee: Richard Hatwood
  • Elected Member: Sophie Wilson
  • Elected Member: Anthony Barlow
  • Elected Member: Rob Chambers
  • Co-option: Mark Froud
  • Co-option: Lawrence Bate
  • Co-option: James Esson
  • Co-option: Alan Brock

Alastair Owens – Chair of Trustees

Denise Freeman – President

Hina Robinson – Vice President

Vacant – Immediate Past President
Note: Alastair Owens (Chair) is the Immediate Past President in 2023-2024

John Hopkin – Named Trustee, Honorary Treasurer

Paula Richardson – Named Trustee

Richard Hatwood – Named Trustee

Sophie Wilson – Elected Member

Anthony Barlow – Elected Member

Rob Chambers – Elected Member

Mark Froud – Co-option

Lawrence Bate – Co-option

James Esson – Co-option

Alan Brock – Co-option

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