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Brand new GEO resources for 2021

We were delighted to see lots of schools using GEO last term, and benefitting from all the free support available through the website. If you haven’t yet visited the site, have a look now at what GEO is, and what is on offer. ‘This is a fantastic resource at a difficult time’, according to a school using the site, while others have described lectures as ‘Very informative’ and ‘Enjoyable’.

We are aware that additional online support is now more important than ever, and we will be continuing to add resources and host events through the site during this term. For GCSE there are new units on managing the UK’s food, energy and water resources as well as processes and challenges leading to change in London and how Haiti’s colonial past makes it vulnerable today.

A new A level unit looks in depth at food production in Brazil’s Cerrado region and the impact on the natural vegetation in the area. Other topics coming soon in 2021 include units for A level on global systems and superpowers; health and human rights and the geography of disease; tectonics and multi-hazard environments and for GCSE there are units on tropical rainforests, climate change, OS mapping and river landforms and management.

As well as content, we are planning to create a place for teachers to share their own resources, and we will also make it easier for students to sign up for events themselves, in response to feedback received. Don’t forget you can also watch recordings of the events from last term if you missed them first time around or want to watch them again.

Have a look at the events page now to get the sessions into your calendar. By joining live you can interact with the presenter and get answers to any questions you have about the topic.

Don’t forget to let other schools know about GEO, in case they haven’t started using it yet!