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‘At the heart of learning a discipline is a teacher’s knowledge about that discipline and how to teach it.’                                                                                        (The Institute of Physics, 2020)

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The GA have developed a strategic view of professional development to most effectively support teachers of geography whatever their phase or career stage. Rather than an ad hoc approach which prioritises school performativity and compliance, the GA is committed to help teachers navigate the complex and crowded professional development landscape so that they are able to access rich, high-quality, subject-specific support which develops their individual professional knowledge, confidence, skills and attitudes.   

In order to achieve this, GA members can register for and access the GA CPD toolkit through their member portal. The toolkit includes:

  • The GA CPD roadmap – this tool helps to identify your starting point and progress in your professional development journey across eight, subject-specific domains
  • The GA CPD curriculum – this tool provides low-cost, high-quality professional development tailored to your phase, career stage and starting point within each domain and signposts other professional development you might be interested in
  • The GA Professional Passport – this tool supports critical reflection of the subject-specific professional development that you engage in so that you can identify its impact
  • GA Pathway conversations – this tool enables you to network online with other teachers of geography who work in a similar phase or are at a similar career stage

GA members who engage with the GA CPD toolkit may also, for an additional cost, submit for a a prestigious achievement which recognises their commitment to their own professional development.





For the academic year 2023 – 2024 we are piloting access to the GA CPD toolkit with members who subscribe to Teaching Geography. However, those members who purchase the GA Professional Award or GA Enhanced Professional Award will also be able to access the GA CPD toolkit.