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Assessing progress in key stage 3 geography

The Attainment Target for geography in the 2014 National Curriculum requires that students will ‘know, apply and understand the matters, skills and processes specified in the relevant programme of study’, (DfE, 2013a).

In their Teaching Geography article from Summer 2014, ‘Assessing without levels’ Paul Weeden and John Hopkin say:

If definitions of standards and progression are destined to become local, rather than national, matters, then the Purpose of Study Aims and introductory paragraphs for each key stage within the new curriculum provide good starting points for defining expectations by the end of each key stage. Schools can use their experience of assessment for learning to strike a healthy balance between advising students on progress and improvement and reaching summative statements about their overall attainment…

Removing levels will provide teachers and schools with the opportunity to focus on formatively helping students make day-to-day progress in geography, rather than recording progress through often dubious sub-level judgements.


To help you assess progress at key stage 3

Assessing progress in Your Key Stage 3 Geography Curriculum

Buy the eBook Assessing progress in Your key stage 3 Geography Curriculum to help develop rigorous and consistent approaches to assessing your key stage 3 students’ progress in geography lessons.

‘Assessing Geography’ from The Handbook of Secondary Geography

Buy the chapter ‘Assessing Geography’ from The Handbook of Secondary Geography.

This planning grid will be useful for planning key stage 3 with progression and assessment in mind.

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Progression in map skills

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