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Geography GCSE and A level results

2023 A level results

The number of geography entries has increased by 2.19% from 2022. This continues the upward trend since 2021. This increase is close to the increase in the total A level entries for all subjects of 2.2%, therefore geography A level entries are stable. In 2023 geography was replaced by economics in the top 10 most popular subjects by entry. Geography remains one of the more gender balanced subjects by entries, but there are now more male than female entries in the UK all ages for geography. Download in-depth A level results analysis.


2023 GCSE results

In 2023 GCSE examination results returned to pre-Pandemic grading patterns, following changes in assessment arrangements in 2020-22. Overall outcomes in 2023 were slightly higher than 2019, the best year comparator year, and lower than in 2022. The achievement gap between boys and girls reduced. There was no change in the rank order of the top ten highest entry subjects (and no change since 2020). Geography was again ranked sixth, with an entry of 293,319 (5.0%). Geography saw a modest increase in entries (1.4% compared with 3.4% for all subjects). Download in-depth GCSE results analysis.

Try out this DIY GCSE comparison spreadsheet, simply enter your school’s results to get an instant comparison chart to the national picture.


Geography GCSE and A level results archive



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The Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) collates national GCSE and A level results. Note: they cannot supply regional, centre or candidate information.

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The Progression and assessment pages provide information on all aspects of progression and assessment in geography.


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