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Feedback and marking

Good feedback links pupils’ work and the quality of learning which has taken place with the next stage of the learning process, so effective oral or written feedback is an important aspect of assessment practice and raising achievement.



Members may find the Mentor information sheet on Marking and record keeping useful.

The following articles, published in Teaching Geography, offer advice and guidance about marking student work and giving feedback.

‘Feedback in the Geography Classroom: Developing the use of assessment for learning’

Paul Weeden describes ways that effective feedback can be used to promote learning. (Autumn 2005)

‘Effective feedback as a focus for CPD with a developing Geography Department’

Ron Rooney suggests how a CPD activity involving analysis of feedback can help subject leaders challenge existing practices and explore new ways of supporting student learning through assessment. (Summer 2006)

‘Explaining students’ mistakes using concepts from psychology’

Psychology, and in particular visual perception, can offer explanations for students’ mistakes in geography. Jane Dove illustrates, using examples, some of the ways in which this occurs. (Summer 2011)

‘Mark my words’

Rachel Kay, Beth Harries and Paul Hunt address the question of constructive marking in a time efficient way; they describe three marking techniques and offer a summary of each. (Spring 2016)

‘Marking books’

Judy Gleen outlines some of the tools that her department has developed to make marking more effective and efficient. (Summer 2016).


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