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A Department Website – Project Reports

Deepings School

Phil Wood & Jo Dexter had only basic ICT support, but taught themselves to design the department website using Dreamweaver software. Here they show how they developed writing frames to support essay writing, a three level entry choice for pupils to personalise learning. They also advise on which pupils are most likely to benefit from working with the intranet.

Following the project Phil, an AST, went on to support the whole school in their plans to develop a virtual learning environment.

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Horbury School

Stuart Cousins and Phil Waud found that developing and sharing resources was at the centre of a stunning set of exam results, not to mention the team’s professional development. Here they show you the part their website played in this, with plenty of technical tips.

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King Edward VI School

Steve Wilkes shows what is possible with good ICT support in the school, a little expertise in web design, and a commitment to using the intranet to allow pupils to learn independently. He explains how, using the website, pupils work through steps of learning, choosing their own level and assessing themselves on the way.

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Simon Balle School

Jonathon Harris and David Ayre found that, by using the department website, pupils were more motivated to do their homework and to complete their GCSE coursework.

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Stanchester Community School

Sarah Todd and Melissa Gardner show that it is possible to get a department website off the ground from a starting point of zero! No web design skills, no whole school commitment to using department websites, and very little technical support. They show you that getting a department website started can lead to new and innovative materials being shared between the teaching team.

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