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Damion Griffiths map installation

Photo source: Damion Griffiths

CARICUK: Creative Approaches to Race and In/security in the Caribbean and the UK was a year-long collaboration between artists and educators, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) and led by Pat Noxolo, senior lecturer in human geography at the University of Birmingham. Its aims were to transform discussions about race in UK higher education institutions by defining race as an in/security. The GA worked as a partner on this project to co-produce and pilot CARICUK’s learning pack and arts participation with key stage 3 students.

Project summary

The CARICUK project was based on the model of Caribbean In/securities, which sees security and insecurity as perspectival and relational terms that people negotiate in their everyday lives and through creative means. Understanding race as an in/security in UK education means that education institutions and black communities will negotiate better outcomes between them, with listening and change on both sides.

Over 12 months – January 2021 to December 2021 – CARICUK moved through three phases: provocation, participation and transformation. Three artistic provocations – Caribbean in/securities exhibition, walking old lands, drawing new lines and dreading the map – were designed to stimulate discussion about Caribbean and racialised in/securities and were followed by public discussion events. An online learning pack for schools, about Caribbean and racialised in/securities, led into a large-scale arts participation and exhibition. Finally, three short films and a publishing experiment pushed towards institutional transformation.

The GA was involved as part of the curated audience for the artistic provocations and co-produced the online learning pack for key stage 3 students.

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