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Exploring Geography Careers with ICT

The following activities can be used alongside the Going Places with Geography materials or with the Ambassadors online section of the GTT website, possibly as part of geography lesson or work related learning lesson.

  • To encourage students to recognise the value of geography in their future career
  • To explore the range of skills that is developed through the study of geography
  • To discover the range of jobs that are undertaken by students of geography at all levels.


  • Students could list the skills they feel they have learnt through the study of geography
  • Students could list the various aspects of geography that they have studied. After discussion a central list can be compiled by the teacher
  • Students could then list the jobs that they think a geographer might do.

Main activity

  • Students then watch the video Going Places with Geography (parts one and two) on YouTube, noting down any skills or sectors that have not been mentioned at the beginning of the lesson
  • They note down any jobs that they did not expect geographers to do
  • Students discuss.


  • Students name any famous people who they know who studied geography at university or who might be considered to be geographers (the list will not be long!) e.g. Michael Palin, who studied history but would now consider himself to be a geographer as a result of the travels etc. he has undertaken.

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