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Full list of project ideas

Full list of project ideas



Full list of ideas

Idea 1 – Every number paints a picture: Unraveling socio-economic variations within an urban area
Idea 2 – The rise or fall of the mighty and mystical polar bear
Idea 3 – What on Earth should happen to Picher, Oklahoma?
Idea 4 – So who was Herr Brandt and did he get his line right?
Idea 5 – Understanding the causes and effects of flooding: The Boscastle moment
Idea 6 – Mapping photographs
Idea 7 – Plotting hurricane data: Hit or miss?
Idea 8 – Getting to grips with the New Forest National Park
Idea 9 – Getting to grips with the magic of Gapminder
Idea 10 – Mapping disease: Watch it spread
Idea 11 – Urban landscapes and visual literacy: Imaging places
Idea 12 – What a lot of wind: Wind energy decision making assignment
Idea 13 Creating and modifying layers using PowerPoint
Idea 14 – Flooding and flood risk maps
Idea 15 – East Head Spit
Idea 16 – Brownfield vs Greenfield sites
Idea 17 – Rivers fieldwork: Collecting and displaying results
Idea 18 – Making Pictorial Maps
Idea 19 – Happening Now!
Idea 20 – ‘Silence, please be quieter’
Idea 21 – Lights, Camera, Action! Using Stop Frame Animation to Model Geographical Processes
Idea 22 – Mirror, mirror on the wall! Using a digital camera to aid peer assessment
Idea 23 – iPod Microphones and Podcasting

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