Project summary

This project involved using a system called e-scape (electronic solutions for creative assessments in portfolio environments) that was first developed for Design and Technology. The work was extended to investigate how controlled assessments in GCSE Geography could be written, delivered, recorded and assessed. These four related elements formed an integrated ICT-based system.

The project investigated ways in which assessment activities could be carried out under tightly controlled conditions in a limited amount of time, and Geography trials of the system have already taken place in several schools.

It also aimed to find out how to assess work using the ‘comparative pairs’ method, using a holistic approach to determine the ability of students to ‘think geographically’ and to determine their rank order.

A related part of the work involved using PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) in fieldwork conditions.

This area of the website provides background information and details of the e-scape system and how it was applied to controlled assessments in Geography. Use the menu below to navigate through the project pages.


The e-scape project was funded by Becta and Goldsmiths University.



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