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Geography of Disease St Ivo School Cambridgeshire

New figures released by the World Health Organization (WHO) show that there were over 9 million new cases of tuberculosis (TB) and 1.7 million TB deaths in 2006. Although this was a fall on the year before, the figures suggest that efforts against the disease may be slowing. The report also warned that progress against drug-resistant TB was far short of what is needed.” Michael Carter, Aidsmap, (20.03.08)

Tuberculosis (TB) was the focus for teachers and students at St Ivo School in Cambridgeshire. 30 year 9 students were involved in the assignment, which consisted of four preparation lessons and a mock ‘World Health Summit’.

Download: Overview (PowerPoint, 1.52M)

In Lesson One students were introduced to TB and its global effects before being given the task of interpreting TB trends on graphs. Use of the diamond 9 ranking activity (pictured to the right) encouraged them to rank the causes of TB in order of their significance. Students were then introduced to multivariate data analysis- the multiple data sets allowed the students to explore several trends and identify the factors affecting TB.

The mock ‘World Health Summit’ involved several countries trying to eradicate TB. Each country was represented by a group of students who researched and presented the causes and trends of TB in their respective countries. Download the presentations created by the students below.

Download: Bangladesh Presentation
Download: Brazil Presentation
Download: China Presentation
Download: UK Presentation
Download: USA Presentation

In the closing address each country offered solutions to the TB crisis.

As a final task students and staff were asked to fill out an evaluation form. Students enjoyed learning about TB, using ICT, graphs and matching statements. However, it was the WHS day and the research it involved that generated the most enthusiasm.

Whilst the project was a great success, with students learning many facts and skills, it did require a lot of work. Overall, it was an enjoyable and rewarding day for both students and staff.

Download: Lesson 1 (PowerPoint, 352K)
Download: World Health Summit Briefing Sheet (Word, 33.5K)
Download: Homework Sheet for World Health Summit (Word, 27.5K)
Download: Project Evaluation (PowerPoint, 101K)

Teachers involved in this project were Shelley Monk and Sophie Shipp.

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