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Developing Partnerships

Partnerships between schools can extend students’ views of our interdependent world and develop their capacity to make positive choices. Partnerships between schools in the UK and schools in countries of the global ‘South’ are an exciting way to bring a global dimension into your students’ lives.

Successful school partnerships are equal relationships that embed a global dimension in the curriculum through a celebration and enjoyment of similarities and differences. These partnerships require a whole school effort; led by the geography department they can greatly enrich the geography curriculum.

Links can be supported by organisations such as the British Council, UKOWLA and local education authorities and DEA members (see Guidance and support).

The most successful educational partnerships involve activities that suit the curriculum of both schools. The learning activities outlined in this section can be carried out in linked schools concurrently. Other activities include:

  • comparing the impact of tourism in both places
  • collecting data on water sources using both localities
  • investigating trade links between the two countries
  • surveying members of both local communities on their attitudes towards land use, then comparing the results and reasons
  • exploring shopping patterns in both locations.

Resources and Links

Download these examples of schools’ experiences of linking and partnerships activities, which may provide ideas for your school.

  • The British Council provides funding and support on North-South school partnerships

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