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Global Learning Programme

Project summary

The Global Learning Programme was a project supporting teaching and learning about global issues in key stages 2 and 3, funded by UK government, it ran from 2013 to 2018. Together with curriculum support, resources and training, the Global Learning Programme (GLP) built a national network of schools committed to equipping their students to make a positive contribution to a globalised world.

The GA was a lead partner in the programme, helping to promote awareness and understanding of global issues in schools across England and Wales. In England, the GA worked as part of the Development Education Consortium, led by Pearson Ltd, while in Wales it worked within a consortium led by the Education Development Trust.

The GA’s activities made a distinctive contribution to the largest development education programme ever seen in the UK. It created professional guidance and progression frameworks for global learning, devised curriculum materials for use in the classroom, ran professional development events, oversaw the accreditation of schools undertaking global learning activities, managed global learning transition projects between the primary and secondary phases and shared exemplification of good practice on a national scale.

You can access some of the free resources, guidance and research outputs from the GLP via the Global Dimension website

Project activities and achievements

More than 7800 schools participated in the programme in England, and over 900 in Wales, with many experiencing the positive impact that global learning can have on pupils’ engagement, knowledge, skills and values.

The programme – with geography as a leading subject – helped pupils gain knowledge about the developing world, globalisation, and the causes of poverty and what can be done to reduce it, together with skills, such as the ability to investigate, think and make judgements. .

The GLP also supported school improvement: it was highlighted positively in inspection reports, and in over 500 schools geography led whole-school improvement through the Geography Quality Marks.

Based on its work for the 2013-18 Global Learning Programme, the GA published:


  • Exemplification: examples of work and supporting documentation from Quality Mark Schools, organised in six themes with suggestions for practice which link closely to the GLP curriculum framework.
  • Case studies: examples of practice in global learning from schools in the GLP transitions project.

Further reading

  • Subject knowledge and CPD: continual professional development courses and publications to enhance your knowledge of global issues.
  • Links: links to useful websites about development, sustainability, case studies and much more.

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