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Global Learning Programme Links

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BBC World Service
Excellent up-to-date sound and video clips taken from current programmes and news reports for use in teaching the global dimension of geography as it happens.

British Council Schools Online
Includes a partner linking facility, links to international education websites and useful teacher information.


Ideas for assemblies and classroom activities that develop global understanding.

Christian Aid
Downloadable resources to support the development of the global dimension at all key stages.

The Centre for Alternative technology
We offer resources and activities that take on a global perspective, as well as CPD for teaching key stage 2 and 3 through the GLP. Contact us at or for more information go to


UK government department promoting sustainable development and the elimination of poverty.


Excellent Development
Excellent Development works on sustainable development projects in Africa and also works to enhance development education in the UK and worldwide.


Fairtrade Foundation
About fair trade, the Foundation, how it works and how to get involved. It also includes educational resources.

FAOSTAT Detailed World Agricultural Trade Flows
Fascinating interactive website that allows the user to look up global agricultural trade flows. Find out where your food comes from!

Farming and Countryside Education (FACE)
Information about all aspects of agriculture, farming and rural issues; includes some overseas farm case studies.

Food and Agricultural Organisation
Useful site for research reports and statistics at the global level.


Global Dimension
This website provides a resource database, curriculum information, case studies, news features, a global calendar and local support links.

Global Gang
Christian Aid’s website for 8-12 year olds with news, games and fun from around the world.

Global Issues
Looks into global issues that affect everyone and aims to show how most issues are inter-related. Over 6,500 links to external articles, web sites, reports and analysis are used to provide credence to the arguments made. The issue categories range from trade, poverty and globalization, to human rights, geopolitics and the environment.



Jubilee Debt Campaign
A comprehensive set of online resources from CAFOD produced by the Jubilee Debt Campaign.



Mapping Worlds
How are the seven billion people of this world faring? What are the differences in development and wealth? Which markets emerge? Mapping Worlds helps to present and clarify world affairs.

Medecins Sans Frontieres
PowerPoint presentation on contemporary case studies, including the Haiti earthquake (2010), Japan’s Tohuku Earthquake and Tsunami (2011). Developed by MSF in partnership with the GA and an expert advisory group of teachers.



The Oases service offers a range of opportunities to pupils and schools in North-East England, including projects focused on Learning Outside the Classroom, Education for Sustainable Development and the Global Dimension.

An online gateway to a global community of organisations, including resources for teachers and pupils. (The pupils’ pages can be accessed here)

Full of information and resources relating to Oxfam’s projects. See also their dedicated education area.


Palin’s Travels
This website is dedicated to the travels of Michael Palin and provides comprehensive information about all of his famous expeditions and including photo galleries, maps, guides and activities.

Plan UK
Plan is one of the largest child-centred community development organisations in the world, working in 68 countries on projects and initiatives that address the causes of poverty and its consequences for children’s lives.



Send My Friend To School
Resources about global learning, and in particular, the issue of education in parts of Africa. This website page is full of lesson plans, presentations, fact sheets and videos; all free to download.


Think Global
Think Global aims to raise awareness and understanding of how global issues affect the everyday lives of individuals, communities and societies.

Tide (Teachers in Development Education)
Tide is a teachers’ network that supports creative work to meet young people’s educational entitlement to understanding the global dimensions, development perspectives and human rights principles which will shape their lives.

Tourism Concern
Information on campaigns, projects, fair trade and the media. Useful for investigating issues related to sustainable tourism.


Research reports and statistics at the global level.


WaterAid works in 17 countries providing water, sanitation and hygiene education to some of the world’s poorest people. Their website contains the Learn Zone, an online resource that includes materials and activities at primary and secondary levels.

World Bank
The World Bank groups schools’ pages included material on exploring countries and regions and development education.

World InfoZone
Adds an international dimension to education by providing encyclopaedic information about countries and people around the world.

World Vision
Teaching resources with activity sheets, lesson ideas, videos and fact sheets on water, food, aid, development, interconnections and much more.

Worldmapper is a collection of maps depicting a wide variety of information. Territories are resized on each map depending on the variable of interest. The data here is now rather old.



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