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Living Geography: Rotherham

Several schools within Rotherham developed approaches to Living Geography. They encouraged students to focus on the ‘space’ in which they live, exploring their own places and what makes them special.

Through engaging learning experiences the students began to understand the complexities and dilemmas of planning for a sustainable future and explored their own knowledge, values and attitudes. Thought provoking questions open this dialogue…

Where do I live? How does it look? How do I feel about it? How is it changing? What changes might happen where I live? With what impacts? What decisions will be made and with what consequences? Who makes them? What do people think about them? What do I think about them? What future would I like to see? What will happen to my community? How can I get involved? How can I make a positive contribution?



Rotherham Living Geography projects included:

The Rotherham Living Geography group was supported by the Frederick Soddy Trust.

Rotherham Investment & Development Office (RiDO) gave teachers access to a huge range of photographs, planning documents, artists’s impressions, videos, and websites.

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