Australian Outback Teacher Reflection

Development of students’ ability to think geographically / understanding of place

  • Developed an understanding of key concepts such as place, space and scale
  • Able to locate Australia and places within Australia such as Alice Springs, Darwin
  • Appreciated the link between literature/film and geography (A Town Like Alice by Nevil Shute)
  • Demonstrated application of personal experience to move from the known to the unknown
  • Were able to make informed decisions using geographical evidence
  • Showed an understanding of patterns/distributions
  • Recognised the link between people, place and the environment
  • Evidence of realising that environments are challenging and we respond in a variety of ways
  • Realised that technology has both positive and negative impacts on people, place and the environment
  • Applied the 5Ws appropriately – What? Where? Why? When? How?
  • Successfully followed our structure for the production of assignments – Issue, location, scale, events, problems, solutions, groups of people and their opinions, personal opinions


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