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Australian Outback The Geography

School of the Air

Set within the context of the wider curriculum

A broad and balanced geography curriculum has been established as an introduction to Key Stage 3 at Stopsley High School, Luton.

The Scheme of Work for Year 7 starts with a personal geography unit ‘I am, yet who am I?’. This is followed by the ‘School of the Air’ unit presented here where the key underlying concept is place but also incorporates the geographical concepts of space and physical and human processes.

They then consider sustainable development through the unit ‘Toy Story’. This is succeeded by a unit on futures called ‘Dr Who’.

Aims of this unit

  • To gain an understanding of the concept place
  • To draw on personal experience to assist with the understanding of geographical concepts
  • To appreciate the links between environment, people and place
  • To understand that some environments are challenging and that we respond to such challenges in a variety of ways

School of the Air – Introduction


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