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Saudi Arabia Marias Story

About Maria

Maria is a confident and strong willed girl who achieves well. She takes on responsibilities within school with enthusiasm. She particularly enjoyed finding out about other cultures and directing her own learning.

Mind Map

The mind map was used by Maria to show her progression in learning. At the start of lesson one, Maria knew that Saudi Arabia is hot and that North Reddish Juniors has a link with a Saudi Arabian school. The key at the bottom left shows what Maria knew at the start of each lesson. The pencil writing was at the start of the whole unit.

Maria said, ‘When I look at my mind map it makes me happy to see what I have learned. I didn’t know anything about Saudi Arabia before Easter and now I know loads. My mind map is full now and I want to keep adding to it.’

Find Someone Who Knows

This activity was another strategy used for the children to demonstrate what they had learnt by answering questions in a grid (find out more about it on the Curriculum Making page). These images show Maria’s grids before and after the unit.

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