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Saudi Arabia Student Reflection


The children enjoyed the unit of work on Saudi Arabia and enjoyed the tasks that helped them see progress had been made. The mind map was a visible way of demonstrating how much knowledge and understanding had developed.

Maria’s Reflections

Teacher: Did you enjoy learning about Saudi Arabia?

Maria: I loved it because none of it was boring, we did really exciting stuff every lesson.

Teacher: Which lesson did you like best?

Maria: The cooking lesson because I got to make my own food and taste it. Also, I found out some of the mealtime customs and some of them seemed funny to me.

Teacher: Do you think that making the food will help you to remember what you have learned?

Maria: Yes because it was fun and you always remember the things that you enjoyed and Faris said that Laban was his favourite drink.

Teacher: Do you think that the Find Someone Who Knows game is a good way of showing what you have learned?

Maria: Yes

Teacher: Why?

Maria: You can see how much more we all know now compared to at the beginning. I want to play it again and get all of them right.


Towards the end of the unit, the children said that although they enjoyed sending and receiving the class emails with Al Anjal, they would like to send individual ones to another named child.

The children each wrote a letter each requesting a penpal. They gave information about themselves and asked questions about what it is like to be a child in Saudi Arabia.

We have just received an email saying that the school is organising to distribute the penpals and we will be receiving letters once they are back at school.

Both sides are very excited and I think that this will be a fantastic way for the children to continue their learning in an individualised way. The children have developed a huge need to know curiosity about the country and its culture and cannot wait to discover more.

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