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Saudi Arabia Students Work

What did the children make of the work?
What did they produce and how did they make progress?

The children thoroughly enjoyed this unit of work, they talked about it non-stop and could not wait for the next lesson. Children from all over school were discussing the unit and wanted to come and barter at our market stall. The children thrived on the variety of activities, the fact that they had helped design them and their developing friendships with the children at Al Anjal.

The levels of enthusiasm for the topic were extremely high and the children constantly wanted to develop their understanding. If children finished their work early then many would ask to email Al Anjal to find out the answer to one of their many questions.

Probably the most popular lesson was on the cuisine of Saudi Arabia. This was also the area which was the most popular when children were choosing what they would like to cover.

The children asked a boy from Al Anjal what his favourite food and drink was. He replied that it was pizza and Laban. The children were so excited by this and were saying to each other – ‘They really do drink Laban in Saudi Arabia!’


my teacher told me yesterday about your messege and I would be happy to Answer your Questions.

we go to the carnival and my friends and I love to ride roller coster and bumping cars.

we eat rise with meet and kabsa and I love drinking laban.

I play soccer and reading holy Quran.

well I hope you will be happy wih my answer and good bey.

Every lesson and many more times in between, the children had quality discussions about their learning in relation to Saudi Arabia. The children were amazed by what they were learning and constantly revaluating their personal geographies. They were constantly making statements, ‘I used to think… but now I know…’.

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