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Understanding the Local Area Curriculum Making

Planning to enable progression

In our curriculum making for this unit we planned to enable progression through the following ways:

  • Used fieldwork early on in the unit to fire interest – it was local, where they live, on the doorstep
  • Used issues of the moment – traffic, safety, and the environment
  • Engaged with parents and grandparents
  • Linked with the past and used invited speakers to talk about history
  • Developed cross-curricular links with ICT, History, Literacy, DT and Art
  • Because Y3 and Y5 were involved in the project, brothers and sisters with a two year gap were sharing learning
  • Included a variety of teaching styles: ICT, art, writing, drawing, photography and allowed the retelling the journey through a map, through a series of photos
  • Introduced viewpoints and quality debate about what the future holds

I Already Know / What I Would Like To Know

The unit started by looking at what we already know about Barrow Bridge and what we want to know to stimulate learning and start thinking.


Learning about Barrow Bridge

After some initial mapwork we found out about what is special and distinctive about Barrow Bridge by fieldwork and talking to expert guests.

The fieldtrip focused on how we get to Barrow Bridge and what the journey is like, as well as what we can find out about Barrow Bridge from going there.

Students looked at old photographs and maps of the area while at Barrow Bridge and local historians also showed them around the area.

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