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Uneven Development Dylan’s Story

Dylan’s thoughts

Dylan was asked to write about ‘My journey through this unit of work’. Examples of his work are included in this site.

I have really enjoyed this unit, some bits more than others, but I have enjoyed learning about uneven development. I liked the planning activities at the start as we got to have a say although not everyone’s idea could be done. There was a lot of research to do, we could have done less but I think it was quite important as it made us up to date.

I really liked all of the groupwork and discussion as we could all talk about this major world issue. I really enjoyed doing the camera work, much better than writing. The ‘Is reality like the image?’ poster was not as useful. The debate was very useful as I had to represent a view that wasn’t mine and it made me think. I’m still not sure about the Millennium Development Goals and I will have to find out more about them. I had a go at the High Street project to show my links with uneven development.

I believe it has been very intriguing and very eye-opening as I found out a lot that I previously didn’t know. I have stopped generalising and I really want things to change. I don’t think everyone can be equal but I don’t see why some people have to be so poor.



Dylan’s ‘High Street Project’ Presentation

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