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Uneven Development Student Reflection

Student voice

Student voice was sought and valued throughout the unit. Students were asked to observe lessons and comment on the geographical learning. Their views were canvassed throughout and their questionnaire responses in evaluating the course were most informative.

Observation Sheets

Students evaluated whether others were on task, the quality of their work, the activities of the teacher and the quality of lesson activities. Observers made comments like:

‘It was very engaging and it made you eager to find out why uneven development was happening’

‘Pupils made comments that often led onto other topics’

View sample observation sheets one and two.


Students responded to a questionnaire at the end of the unit and answered the following questions:

  • Have you enjoyed the lessons on uneven development?
  • What do you no know or understand that you didn’t before our lessons on uneven development?
  • Do you think it is important to study and understand uneven development? Give a reason for your answer.
  • Which lesson activity helped you learn most effectively?
  • Which lesson activity would you change or improve? How?
  • Which lesson activity would you like to keep doing in future geography lessons?
  • What else could we have done to learn about uneven development?
  • Open comment.

View sample questionnaires one and two.

All students said that they enjoyed the lessons, they all thought it was an important concept to learn about and that they had learned something new. Most agreed that the debate and class discussion were the most successful lessons and also mentioned the lecture and concept map lesson as very useful and would like to do more of this. A number did not rate the ‘Is reality like the image?’ lesson and some thought that the research, though important, needed more structure. A lot wanted to go on field trips!

Some selected comments:

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