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Uneven Development Students’ Work

Selected examples of student work are given below in the order they were completed. Students often worked in groups and all lessons allowed discussion.


Selected learning tasks What the students did Selected student work
Student planning

Key question:

What do we need to ask and know about uneven development?

Students worked in groups to plan key questions and content for the unit.
Photo and map annotation Students were asked to annotate a map and an image to demonstrate their existing thinking on uneven development and to identify any questions they have.
Living map
Peer assessedKey QuestionsWhat disparities exist? Where?
What is the evidence for these disparities?
Students were given a blank world map and asked to annotate with evidence and so identify current patterns of uneven development.
Early written definitions of uneven development  Students wrote their own definitions at the start and at appropriate intervals. Responses were compared to identify progress.
Authoritative sources activity

Key questions

What disparities exist? Where?
What is the evidence for these disparities?
Is it accurate to divide the world into rich and poor countries?

 Students worked in groups to select maps and diagrams that best represented current uneven development patterns and considered different audiences.
Image analysis poster and research

Key question

Is reality like the image?

 Students were allocated an image and analysed it using the compass development rose approach and then researched how far the image represented real lives in that place. Rough posters were produced.
Mind map on causes of uneven development

Key questions

Why does such disparity exist?
Is wealth linked to poverty?
What role does the physical environment play?

 After research and a lesson presentation students produced a mind map of the interconnected causes of uneven development.
Extended writing  Students were asked for a written response to the question ‘why does uneven development exist?’. They were required to word process the answer and allowed access to notes, atlas and internet in a time limit of one hour lesson
 Debate and counter-argument

Key Question

Does aid work? Does charity work? Do the MDG work?
What has uneven development got to do with us/me?
What can be done to reduce inequalities?

 Students worked in groups to research, present and debate the cases for and against the effectiveness of aid and the millennium development goals in reducing disparities.
Later definitions of uneven development Students wrote and reworked their definitions of uneven development.
Synoptic mind map Students worked in groups to create a synoptic mind map of the learning of the unit.


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