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Violent Earth Student Reflection

Overall impressions of the topic

All students found the topic interesting. They particularly enjoyed learning about earthquakes, why they happen, where they happen and how they affect people.

Although the human impacts did feature in comments many focused only on the physical tectonic processes.

‘The most interesting thing I learnt is what the earth is made up with and was surprised it had layers’ – Tom

‘The most interesting thing I learned is how earthquakes can happen so quickly’ – Kathryn

‘The most interesting thing I have learnt would have to be that two plate margins have to rub against each other for there to be an earthquake’ – Paige


The imaginative story

Many students enjoyed the imaginative story and were proud of it. The preparation helped the students produce work that they had put a lot of effort into.

‘The work I enjoyed most was writing the story because you had to write it as if you were there. This is the work I am most proud of.’ – Tara

‘I am most proud of my imaginative story because you could decide what happened yourself’ – Alex


Favourite teaching methods

The two teaching methods that featured in responses from all students were watching video clips and Ian’s demonstration of what could happen during an  earthquake.

The videos were very short clips and included actual CCTV footage, selected because they enabled students to understand the earthquake experience.

‘The best teaching method was having a demonstration what it would feel like in an earthquake because it gave you some inspiration for your assessment. Watching some of the film clips shown by our teacher also helped me understand the kind of events that take place. – Amy

‘The videos helped me imagine I was there’ – Tyler

‘I liked it when sir did a practical demonstrating when big rocks hit the table with someone underneath’ – Tom

‘Listening the teacher and watching video clips helped me the most because I am a visual learner. Also everything the teacher says is important and you will need to know!’ – Paige

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