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Spatially Speaking Further Materials


ArcGIS Field Maps can be downloaded here.

Again you can add in data to this to create more meaningful information.

Moving on from the free viewers, ESRI software is available through the routes noted below (prices are approximate and not quotes):

  • Student 1 year license – available to staff or students for education / research – £100
  • Educational license – permanent license but upgrades not included – £250
  • Digital Worlds 2 product (due to be released) – £500 from Sept
  • Schools Site license – for 500 seats; maintenance to be purchased separately if required – £43


GA Members received a free pullout supplement in the Spring 2007 issue of GA Magazine entitled ‘Get started with GIS… on the internet… for free’. Written by Spatially Speaking Project Leader David Mitchell, the supplement goes through the basics of GIS, suggests ten easy ways to get started with GIS for free, and offers some tips on taking it further. Download an extract below, or if you’re a GA member login to the GA Magazine page to download the whole supplement.

Get started with GIS… on the internet… for free

On Tuesday 19 December 2006, the Yorkshire Post ran an article on Leeds Grammar School which has received support from ESRI(UK) and the GA’s Spatially Speaking project to develop GIS usage within school. Our thanks to the Yorkshire Post for permission to reproduce this article.

Mapping out a whole new world for students

This template helps you to identify and evaluate how GIS is supporting pupils’ learning.

Evaluating Learning with GIS

Ryan Metters shows how a web-based GIS can be used as an earthquakes learning activity.

Earthquake Locator Resource Sheet

Steve Kitson shares how he found the best way to get pupils using Google Earth. (You might also be interested in Noel Jenkins’ excellent guides for getting the most from Google Earth.

How to use Google Earth

Nic Whitmore has planned a scheme of work for GIS in the Pilot GCSE. His approach looks at the big picture of GIS and its place in the information revolution, the world of work and the techniques applied through it.

GIS Scheme of Work

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