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Primary Geography Handbook Extension Project Distant Places

Primary student with globe

The links and connections between people and places around the world are becoming ever more apparent as we move further into the 21st Century. By the time many people in the UK have finished eating their breakfast they will have already utilised food and resources from a number of different countries. Of course, trade and empires have spanned the continents for centuries, but today we realise that human health, pollution and communication are also global issues.

Read the Primary Geography Handbook Chapter 15 The Wider World by Maureen Weldon.

‘Geography helps children to extend their world and to move towards a richer, better understanding of real places and people.’

Weldon (2004) p. 205

If children are to receive a modern education, it is essential that they learn about the world in which they live. Research shows that children are most receptive to other people and cultures when they are of primary school age. Developing positive images and attitudes to distant places is fundamental not only in geography but also in children’s development as environmentally aware global citizens.

Examples for children categorised by age group


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These resources focus on three areas of the world which are of global significance. The USA is the world’s greatest economic power, India is set to become the most populous country in the world and China is the industrial powerhouse of the future. There are currently relatively few teaching materials available to support children’s investigations into these countries. The aim is to provide examples which can be adapted according to your needs.

Basic principles

  • Emphasise similarities and connections rather than exotic events
  • Focus on people and the lives they lead
  • Be bold – challenge stereotypes and tackle controversial issues
  • Encourage children to use geographical vocabulary
  • Don’t be afraid to voice your own opinions alongside the children’s

With thanks to Jen Russell and Stephen Scoffham

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