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Primary Geography Handbook Extension Project Fieldwork

Primary students fieldwork

These activities and examples come from teachers who have successfully tried them out with their pupils. Further ideas and guidance as to what fieldwork really is and how it can be done well can be found in the Primary Geography Handbook – a wealth of know how at your fingertips.

Read Primary Geography Handbook Chapter 10 Fieldwork by Paula Richardson.

‘Fieldwork is using an outdoor experience to provide an environment to test out ideas and hypotheses and to help pupils to extend their understanding of the world around them… …Working outdoors provides pupils with a new way of looking at their environment and allows them to develop curiosity about where they live as well as teaching them to become more observant and thoughtful.’

Richardson (2004) p.135

Examples for children categorised by age group

4-7 years

Exploring the school grounds

Coming soon

6-9 years

The wider locality – a trip to town

Coming soon

8-11 years

A trip to France

Coming soon

With thanks to Caroline Thomas and Martin Saffery for sharing these examples

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